Analytical standard

Synonym: Vegard;MATRINE;MATRENE;Matrines;MATRINIUM;MATRINE(P);(+)-MATRINE;Matrine CRS;MASSMARK 1621;alpha-matrine

CAS Number: 519-02-8

Empirical Formula (Hill Notation): C15H24N2O

Molecular Weight: 248.36

Biochemical/physiological Actions

Matrine is an alkaloid compound extracted from the roots of Sophora species which maintain anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and a host of other positive pharmacological effects.


grade analytical standard
assay ≥95.0% (HPLC)
form powder
storage temp. refrigerator
color white

Price list:

matrine (95%) 10 mg → 70 € ( 30,000,000 IRR)