Analytical standard

Synonym: (E,E)5-(3,4-Methylenedioxyphenyl)2,4-pentadienoylpiperidide, 1-Piperoylpiperidine

CAS Number 94-62-2             Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C17H19NO3             Molecular Weight 285.34


Biochemical/physiological Actions

The pungency of piperine is caused by activation of the heat- and acidity-sensing TRPV ion channel TRPV1 and TRPA1 on nociceptors(pain-sensing nerve cells). The full mechanism of piperine’s bioavailability-enhancing abilities is unknown, but it has been found to inhibit human CYP3A4 andP-glycoprotein, enzymes important for the metabolism and transport of xenobiotics and metabolites. In animal studies, piperine also inhibited other CYP 450 enzymes important for drug metabolism. Piperine has been shown to dramatically increase thebioavailability of curcumin in humans.


grade analytical standard
assay ≥95.0% (HPLC)
form powder
storage temp. -20°C
color crystal

Price list:

Piperine (95%) 1 g → 22 € ( 2,200,000 IRR)

Piperine (95%) 5 g → 72 € ( 5,100,000 IRR)

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